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The greatest invention since the wheel is without a doubt the internet. If you have a business today, you are probably online, with a website or locally on Google maps.

Choosing the right website builder can feel a bit difficult, but with the right website developer, you will get a unique website that reflects your business!

The website needs to be built in such a way that it can be easily edited and maintained by you as the owner. If you choose us here at Viking Web Development, you get a website according to your wishes, regardless of the type of business that you run!

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What you get with
Viking Web Development:

Here is a quick overview of exactly what you get if you choose to hire us to make a website for your business. You get:

  • Complete migration of all information from your existing website
  • A unique and tailored WordPress design
  • Payment solutions including Klarna, Paypal for you who have an online shop
  • Custom forms for contact, price proposals and much more
  • Setting up an SSL certificate for enhanced security
  • Complete mobile customization of the entire website
  • SEO optimization for all content
  • Indexing of the new website to Google
  • An agency that constantly works to ensure that you our customers are satisfied.

What Does a Website Cost?

Perhaps the most common question we get at Viking Web Development is: What does a website cost?

What does it cost to make a website?

And often when we answer what it costs to buy a website, we consider different factors. Simply put, it completely depends on the degree to which the website is to be adapted, tailored, as well as the size of the website and the degree of graphic design.

Or even simpler: It depends on what the customer needs and the running costs that are added after the development.

Factors that affect cost includes:

  • Degree of adaptation
  • Graphic profile
  • The number of subpages
  • Website size
  • The amount of features
  • Your wishes and budget
  • Choice of web host (running cost)
  • Cost per domain (cost per year)
  • Additions on the website such as e.g. security solutions

Different Price Levels

We at VWD have carried out a small study of what different web agencies charge for their websites and what is included in the different price ranges. To answer the question “what does it cost to make a website”. In general, we can divide it into four different price ranges.


  1. Website Basic: 529 – 900 EUR
  2. Website Medium: 900 – 1 500 EUR
  3. Website Pro: 1 500 – 2500 EUR
  4. Website Advanced: Ask for an Quotation

We will now go through what you get in each price range so that you as a customer can decide if the website’s price and the features that are included are a good offer. Because it is not always a website at a low price that will end up being an affordable website.

Factors that determine what a website costs

 There are several factors that determine the total cost of a website. One of the parts is the development cost, but then there are ongoing costs for operating the website such as web hosting, security and cost for web hosting. In this guide, we will help you on the way to finding the right price for you.


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Website price:  529 - 900 EUR

A website in this price range gives you 4-5 subpages, relatively simple design and graphic profile as well as a low degree of customization and unique design.

If you are looking for a simple website, with the pages “About the Company”, “Contact”, “Services” and a “Main page” then this price range is perfect for you! You can expect to get:

  • A simple website
  • Publishing tools & CMS (eg WordPress).
  • 4-5 Subpages
  • Low degree of design
  • Low or no degree of Keyword Optimization
  • Default theme in WordPress
  • Simple mobile adaptation

You will get a website with simple design, simple functionality and a few subpages. This package is suitable for bloggers, as well as very small companies with a very small number of services.


Website price:  900 - 1 500 EUR

Once the price of a website increases, so does the quality of the website. This price range includes what is included in the previous price range, but now includes extra functionality, more of a unique design and profile for the website, more subpages and a more optimized website both graphically and in terms of content.

When a customer asks: what does a website cost to create, the most crucial factor is the design of the website. The priciest part of a building a website is the coding of the website in terms of HTML, CSS. The more advanced design a customer requests, the more the price of a website increases.

It can often be worth paying a little extra to get a unique website that looks professional because the willingness to buy increases. This price range usually includes the following:

  • More advanced website
    Publishing tools & CMS (e.g WordPress).
  • 5-12 Subpages
  • Unique design
  • Custom features
  • Some degree of keyword optimization
  • News features
  • Customization of WordPress theme.
  • More adapted responsive design

A website in this price range is usually ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. As the number of subpages increases, there is more room to offer their services. There will also be a larger number of custom functions and a more unique and tailored design. As a customer, you can also be more demanding in terms of design possibilities.


Website price:  1 500 - 2 500 EUR

In this price range, you as a customer can expect a top tier website. It is a much more customized website that also place greater demands on updates, maintenance and coding. What makes the price go up is that a lot of the design and functions are specifically adapted.

Among other things, you can expect the website to have different headers under each individual subpage, functions for news and posts divided by categories. In addition, you as a customer should also be able to easily make small changes to the website yourself. What is crucial in this price range is the degree of customization and the number of features.

In other words, it is relatively difficult to specify exactly what is included for a website in this class. You can count on a large number of subpages, completely unique design and tailored features and some keyword optimization. You should get one:

  • Professional website
    Publishing tools & CMS (eg WordPress).
  • 12-20 Subpages
  • Unique and tailored design
  • News features
  • Custom graphic profile (color themes, theme, image editing)
  • Optimized for speed
  • Relatively good degree of keyword optimization
  • Advanced mobile adaptation

A website in this class is perfect for medium-sized companies.


Website price:  Ask For An Quotation

Once the price exceeds 2 300 EUR, it most likely depends on the web design, the programming hours and the degree of specially adapted and unique functions. Websites in this price range are usually very large websites where the number of subpages exceeds 20 and where a standard solution is not optimal.

You can count on the website being optimized for speed, advanced graphic profile with image editing and keyword optimization. There are many websites that exceed this price but as previously mentioned, it completely depends on the number of hours the website has taken to create.

If you have more questions or want something more specifically explained, you are welcome to contact us!


Ongoing costs for website (hosting & domain name)

It’s not just the development of the website that costs you money. Once the development is complete, there will be ongoing costs for the website. They include the cost of the website’s address / name (domain name eg www.vikingwebdevelopment.com/) and hosting of the website.

Ongoing costs for a website may include:

  • Hosting costs between 8 – 15 EUR / month (can cost much more depending on supplier & performance)
  • Domain name approximately 15 EUR/ name and year
  • Add-ons such as virus scanners and security

Pro tip: A recommendation we give is to pay for several years for your domain name so you are sure that you will have the domain name over longer periods of time. In addition, you can also advantageously buy variants of the domain name with e.g. .se, .nu and .com.


Cost of developing the website

An expense that is often forgotten that is linked to the price of the website is the cost of developing the website. After the website is ready, it may be that you have a need to make small changes, updates, and add new pages. If you do not do this yourself and need help, it is time to hire a web developer. On average, a web developer costs between 60 – 150 EUR / h.

A good website is more important now than ever!

Before the web took such a large place in society, it was important that the store or office looked inviting and gave a sense of security to visitors and existing customers.

Today, most interactions between consumers and businesses take place online. Therefore, it is important to have a clear, fast and aesthetically pleasing website.

84 % of all consumers use the website when they decide to contact a company. It is therefore more important than ever to have a website that attracts visitors and leads to conversions. Whether it’s a product, using a contact form or reading an article.

And this is something we can help you with!

create website

Let us create your website

With Viking Web Development as the developer agency, you can feel confident that you are getting the most qualified help on the market.

Website design and creating websites is something we have been doing for a very long time, we therefore know exactly what is best suited for different companies and businesses.

Create the website with us and we will ensure that you will be satisfied with the result!

Why do you need a Web Development Company?

Not everyone is a web developer and that’s why it’s best to hire us.

Website design is something that we at Viking Web Development are very capable of and we will therefore be able to create a perfect website for your business.

By creating a website through us you will get a modern fast and secure website for a very competitive price.

Good results at a good price. This is something we always strive for.

web development

Some of our favorite subjects

Viking Web Developments own team are trained in the art of designing and developing websites to suit all business areas.

We are marketeers and understand the complex process of creating what can be the company’s face to the world. We understand that the first impression for your customers are permanent.

We know that when the customer visit websites we build, that they will have a very positive first impression.

We design and develop:

  • CMS website, e.g. WordPress
  • UX & UI Design for new / existing systems
  • Web applications and systems
  • E-commerce

Viking Web Development meets the needs of its customers not only by designing its portals and systems but also by implementing the technology required to rank websites high on Google. Of course, we also stand out with SEO.